Iconic Audi Q3 Sportback

Coupé aesthetics with power and functionality of an SUV.

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Monthly packages start from as low as $2,350, only at Audi on demand.1

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New fully-upgraded 1.5-litre Audi Q2

Enjoy enhanced driving dynamics with tech updates and convenience at the wheel.

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Select from an exclusive fleet of vehicles. Pick up your Audi from Audi Centre Singapore or have it delivered personally to you.

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Whether for a spontaneous weekend getaway or for a special occasion – find the Audi that fits best and book it online. You can drive away today or reserve your vehicle for a later date.

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Your Audi can be picked up from Audi Centre Singapore or you can have it delivered to your desired location. Our concierge will go through the car features to familiarise you before you take over the wheel.


Enjoy your journey with Audi on demand. The duration of use can be as short as 4 hours to as long as one month. Make your reservation up to six months in advance.


When your reservation has ended, an Audi concierge will meet you to swiftly retrieve your Audi on demand vehicle or simply deliver back to the Audi Centre Singapore.

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